Introducing someone to LaRocque Wealth Solutions Inc.

As you are visiting our website, you are in a unique position to introduce others to us, so that they could benefit from our services.

  • Who should you introduce?
  • Why should you introduce someone?
  • How do you introduce someone?
  • Family members, friends, or associates who want impartial recommendations on:
        1. How to help their family
        2. How to protect their lifestyle
        3. How to achieve their lifestyle goals
        4. How to plan for their future
        5. How to create their legacy
  • People who do not have time to tend to their personal financial affairs or have a lack of experience handling money.
  • People that are confused about collecting financial advice from several sources.
  • People that have a recent change in their life that could affect their financial future, such as retirement, an inheritance or loss of a love one.
  • People who are looking for objective recommendations on how to transfer their wealth to their love ones or a cherished cause.
  • People who need assistance with their day-to-day administration.
  • People going through a separation or divorce.
  • Executor how are overwhelmed with their responsibilities.
  • There is no obligation or cost associated with an introductory meeting.
  • We will work as a partner through various ages and stages of life of your friends to ensure that they enjoy good financial health.
  • We will prepare your friends for the inevitable ups and downs of life to bring a better and brighter tomorrow.
  • We will manage your friends entire wealth picture to adapt to their life changes and ensure they have a plan that grows.
  • We are unmistakably committed to serve your friends' interests, since our recommendations are not influenced by the sale of financial products.
  • Talk to your friends or family members about us. Tell them to visit our website that we are the advisor that they are looking for. We are truly one of a few that provide a trough fee for advices.
  • Ask the person if he or she would like to meet with us.
  • Give us a call with your friends phone number or tell them to call us.
  • We will send an introductory brochure and we will set up a introductory meeting.
  • At end of the meeting, we will take a few days to decide if we want to work together.
  • Whatever happens, we are grateful that you have introduce someone to us and have the opportunity to meet your friends.

Thank You to everyone that has introduced someone to our services in the past.

We appreciate your confidence you have on us.