How do I know if I need an independent financial planner?

When you experience any life transition such as job change, marriage, additions to the family, recent window or divorcee with little experience handling the money, retirement etc. that calls for additional planning and expert advice.
When you believe that you've lost control of your financial situation and need to regain focus.
When you do not have the time to tend to your personal financial affairs.
If you have these kind of questions: Can I afford to retire now or do I have to wait?
How can I transfer my asset to my loved one?
Am I confused about conflicting financial advice from several sources?
We can help you wade through the decisions that have to be made.

If you feel any of those statements reflect your concerns, then it time you give us a call.

What are your qualifications?

Lucie Larocque holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation, which is recognized internationally as the mark of the competent, ethical, professional financial planner. She also holds the Financial Management Advisor designation and she is part of the elite group Charted Strategic Wealth Professional®.

What experience do you have?

Lucie has over 20 years in experience in financial and tax services. She specializes in retirement and creating legacy (estate planning).

What services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive wealth planning advice.  We also advice on each financial planning components, which are Financial Management, Asset Management, Risk Management, Tax Planning,  Retirement Planning and Estate Planning.  We provide assistance in the implementation by coordinate a team of professionals and we monitor the plan to keep it current and discuss progress throughout goals.  We also provide administration support.

What is your approach to financial planning?

Our discovery process starts by helping you clarify your own goals, needs and concerns.
We assess all aspect of your finance: your family life, the protection of your lifestyle, your lifestyle goals, planning for your future and creating your legacy.

Will you be the only person working with me?

Lucie is your primary advisor. Which mean she is the one that you contact first. We will work with other professional in areas where we cannot assist you like for instance will drafting, product sales, portfolio management.

How will I pay for your services?

We are a fee-for-service advice. The only money that we received will be directly from you. We charge a fix fee for the comprehensive wealth plan than hourly rate for implementation, monitoring and support services.

How much do you typically charge?

This depend on your particular needs and if you want a comprehensive wealth plan or just a financial planning components. Because it vary considerably, we provide an engagement letter clearly defining our fees and our assignments before any commitment from you part.

Could anyone besides me benefit from your recommendations?

No, we don't have any conflicts of interest and we are completely independent.

Are you regulated by any organization?

Yes, as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional, I am subject to disciplinary proceedings of Financial Planning Standards Council, the body that enforces the Standards of Professional Responsibility.

Can I have it in writing?

Yes, we provide all clients with a letter of engagement which details the services that will be provided. Than base on the full plan or a financial component that you have choose, you will receive a comprehensive wealth plan or a report with recommendations. Also, in both case, you will receive an action steps for the implementation.

If you have any concerns about you situation please give us a call, we are here to help you